Hi, I'm Dana and I have a passion for flowers.

I have always enjoyed designing and planting flowers at home. After working in the restaurant and bar industry in Chicago for over a decade, I noticed a lack of quality, affordable help available to those establishments when it came to setting up their patios and beer gardens. So, I decided to turn my hobby into a business.

My goal for Jaxy Custom Flowerscapes is to bring the same quality and care I put into my garden at home to the patios and beerDana Lyons and Jaxy gardens of Chicago's bars and restaurants -- at a cost that is affordable for all establishments, not just those with the budget to hire the specialty landscaping centers.

Then again, if you're just looking for help with your home garden or flower boxes, I still love to do that so we'd be happy to help you with that too. Contact us.

Happy Planting!

Dana Lyons


Jaxy Custom Flowerscapes

(By the way, that's "Jaxy" in the picture with me.)